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Parya Shabdar

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Chimera i a lamp collection with a concept name Space light, an inspiration of the artist Peetas artworks. Chimera plays with the light until the shadow.The collection is a twist of  modern technology and classic interior.

When a light is on, it appears an angels shadow in the space of the room. Materials in this collection is cardboard and thin tree. Lamps are LED and works with the internet of the things system.

Hi there, I'm an artist and fashion designer. I have been doing creative design and illustrations for a few years now. I live in lovely Borås, Sweden with my family. Scandinavian nature and culture has been an inspiration for me in the recent years. Given my eastern background I often mix these two cultures and come up with unique ideas. This site is a collection of my favourite works, casual, or professional. Have a look and give me a shout in the comments. :) I am available for freelance project.

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